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After spending 2 years as an au pair and going through it alone (minimal support from agency, family, friends, etc.) I wanted to provide a website for all the other girls (and boys) out there who are looking for answers. Difference between The Funny Nanny and other websites with similar content is that I am not paid to promote any agency.

I just want to provide information that wasn’t accessible to me when applying for au pair program.

I did some research recently and discovered many Referral Agencies that help you go through process. I will not write anything about those, since I haven’t met any Host Family or Au Pair that came into program through them and I don’t know what is their deal; how are they getting their profit, how does it work etc. By going through agency, you get to meet in person with representative who guides you and helps you.

If you do have information about such website, please share it with me. I would love to find out more about it and spread the word.




Au Pair Agencies for United States:

There are fourteen sponsoring au pair agencies designated by the State Department. Host families typically pay these agencies an application fee and a program fee which varies from $7,500 to $10,500, depending on the agency used. The program fees cover expenses related to the arrival of the au pair and compliance with regulations governing the program. These include airfare, medical insurance, mandatory 32-hour education session on child development and safety and other expenses. Au pairs pay fees which vary depending on the US agency and the home country agency they use (if they do not apply directly to the US agency).  For agencies you know fees immediately, while some you get information by phone call or at personal meeting with agency representative.

Embassy interview fee
The normal cost is $160, but it varies by country because interview scheduling fees and passport mailing fees can total up to $30. Agency pay the SEVIS (Student & Exchange Visitor Information System) fee for you.


Au Pair Agency Will Provide:

-Insurance (some have fee for extra coverage)

-travel month at the end of your contract

-paid airfare to your destination and flight home from any city in the U.S.

-local counselor for guidance and help through your experience

-monthly meetings with other au pairs from your agency in your area


Here are the agencies you can go through:

The International Au Pair Exchange

The International Au Pair Exchange (TIAPE), based in Seattle, WA, is a cultural exchange organization and operating series of 20/20 Care Exchange, Inc. TIAPE is one of only 14 organizations across the United States to be designated by the U.S. Department of State as an official program sponsor of au pair Exchange Visitors in the United States.

4 day mandatory Au Pair Orientation is held in Seattle, WA

At orientation they will cover several topics:

  • A review of key program policies and regulations
  • Overview of the au pair’s J-1 visa
  • Introduction to medical care in the U.S. and the au pair medical
    insurance plan
  • Managing cultural adjustment
  • Best practices for communicating with the au pair host family

You will have Child Development and Care Training and Infant and Child Safety Training.

For more information, email at jscherer@tiape.org



The Professional Au Pair Exchange Program is for qualified young women (and men) with a degree in the educational, medical, or social field (OR with at least two years of full-time childcare experience)

-Au Pair fee is 695$

-They require minimum of 2 year college or equivalent

– they don’t provide many information, and for more info you are welcome to send your questions to info@proaupair.com


Agent Au Pair

Agent Au Pair directors have over 2 decades of combined experience in the cultural exchange field and possess a passion for fostering better relationships between foreign exchange visitors and Americans in an effort to promote international cultural understanding and tolerance

Agency is based in California

They offer one week’s training at the Au Pair Training School and Orientation in San Francisco, CA

For more information email at  info@agentaupair.com



Go Au Pair

Based on  years of experience, Go Au Pair’s exclusive Mutual Match system helps Au Pair and Host Families make the best match possible.
Go Au Pair displays your profile to the maximum amount of families to help increase your chance of finding a match. Unlike other Au Pair Agencies, they don’t limit the number of Au Pairs a Host Family can review at a single time. This means your profile is available to numerous families at one time, greatly increasing your chance to match.

Your International Representative in your home country is also an important part of your support. They support you with comprehensive initial screening, managing expectations, training programs and helping you to have the best possible chance of receiving a visa. They are also available during your year if you have any questions you need answered.

They don’t provide information about orientation nor their email address, but on this link you can contact them



Au Pair Foundation

Au Pair Foundation is United States Department of State designated sponsor for the Au Pair J1 Cultural Visa Program.  They ensure proper placement of qualified au pairs with valued Host Families throughout the United States.  They pride themselves on being an organization that is dedicated to providing quality experiences for our Au Pairs and Host Families.  Their structure permits them to provide professional, yet family style attention to each participant.

Their website doesn’t provide detailed info, so for options contact them here.

Au Pair in America

Orientation is in Stanford, Connecticut and it lasts 4 days.

You have option to prepay (or sometimes Host Families do that for you) 4 hour trip to New York City.

For more information, email at info@aupairamerica.co.uk


Au Pair International

They do not provide any special information that are not regulated and typical. For requesting more information go to this link



  • AuPairCare has been designated by the United States Department of State since 1989 and has since placed more than 50,000 au pairs across the country.
  • They are one of the largest agencies in the United States and have thousands of carefully screened host families who are excited to host an au pair. Our EasyMatch™ online matching system allows them to match au pairs and families quickly and easily.
  •  Au Pair Academy program will provide you with training that will prepare you to be successful as an au pair. You’ll also meet new au pair friends and have a chance to relax at our comfortable Academy hotel.

For more information, click here


Cultural Care Au Pair

With Cultural Care Au Pair you are travelling with the largest and most experienced au pair organization in the world. They have sent more than 90,000 young people to the USA as au pairs since we started in 1989. As a Cultural Care Au Pair, you benefit from this experience and from their commitment to provide you with the best support through the application and matching process, and during your year in the USA.

Orientation is held on Cultural Care Campus

For more information, email at aupair@culturalcare.com


Cultural Homestay International

In order to be provided with any detailed information, please email at chimain@chinet.org



Au Pair Orientation is held in New York

They provide extensive health insurance

For more information, contact at this link


Expert AuPair

“We are very strict on our requirements, because we want to ensure excellent au pairs for our families, but if you qualify, we want you to apply! Below are some reasons to work with us.  If you have any questions or any special requirements, and would like to know more, please email us at admin@expertaupair.com ”

Fees –

Processing fee $500 Only after your visa has been approved
Air fare supplement $0 – $500 Only after your visa has been approved


$500 – $1,000 depending on country




Before an au pair joins the family, she is required to complete the GreatAuPair USA Training Academy. This is a 32+ hour program consisting of 15 courses with quizzes, assessments, and a final exam.

Most au pairs complete the training in one week. Each au pair must complete interactive scenarios, assignments, and pass each course’s quiz and the final exam with a grade of 80 percent or better. Through their training au pairs gain valuable insight into the developmental stages of children so that they can confidently nurture the health and safety of children of all ages. Au pairs also learn about cultural differences, behavioral differences, American slang, and driving in the US so that they are prepared to care for children of all ages and easily integrate into Hosts home.

Fee is $200 for GreatAuPair application

Contact form can be found here , or you can reach them at 800-935-6303



InterExchange Au Pair USA

InterExchange Au Pair USA is a nonprofit cultural exchange organization, so their main focus is to match happy families and au pairs. Their emphasis is on successful customer experiences and cultural exchange, so they keep costs as low as possible.


For information, contact aupair@interexchange.org



Be advised, your host family pays for many of the expenses to facilitate your program participation. Au pairs who successfully complete their program year earn approximately $10,000 USD during their program year. Plus the host family contributes up to $500 USD for education tuition.

Au pair fees include:

  • Visa fee – follow the instructions on the U.S. embassy web site in your country.
  • SEVIS fee – follow the instructions on the U.S. embassy web site in your country.
  • USAuPair program contribution fee – paid when your host family placement is confirmed.
  • Agency fee – varies by country (based on country laws and economic environments).

USAuPair provides for:

  • Medical insurance – no hidden fees to upgrade your medical insurance.
  • Airfare to Portland, Oregon – no hidden surcharge on airfare to USA.
  • 4 nights lodging at hotel in Lake Oswego, Oregon (includes continental breakfast).
  • 4-day workshop on child safety and development (includes lunch).
  • Transportation to your host family.
  • Ongoing local support during your program year.

For more info go to this link


On each of these websites you will find many other information you didn’t read here, but I haven’t added them since they are the same for all agencies and regulated by Department of Homeland Security. These 14 agencies are only ones authorized to match families and au pairs in USA. Be aware of scams and contact minimum 3 agencies before settling into perfect one. Please read this post on Au Pair Scams to recognize when is the family who is reaching to you real and when it’s scam.

Consider watching some movies about au pairing or nanny life, or reading books about it to get you excited and ready!

Check some more posts about Au Pair life (here is also designated Pinterest board for you) and how to have the best time as an Au Pair.

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(for easier explanation, some of the information on this post was taken over from Wikipedia)

*this post might contain affiliate links*

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