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If you knew there was one thing that could give you a better chance at getting an amazing nanny job, wouldn’t you want to know about it?

Such a thing does exist! It’s been around for quite some time, but somehow we just forget to talk about it and advertise why it is so important.

We have artists showing off their work when they try to get hired and models carrying their portfolios. We have freelancers and writers presenting their previous work to show potential employers that they can handle what is asked of them.

People working “real” jobs (are you catching my sarcasm here, or should I be more obvious?) have their resumes and references, so why should it be any different for childcare providers?

A Nanny Portfolio (if you think it would be easier, and cuter to buy on rather than make one – check this Peace Love NannyBinder out) is something that can help you land an awesome job, and it can help you maintain and organize everyday life with your charges.

 The Why and What of the Nanny Portfolio


What goes in your professional Portfolio?

Your resume


Tip: Don’t wait to resign to ask your employers (babysitting too) for a reference. After working for someone 3-4 months I always ask for a simple, generic written recommendation. That way you have something to put in your Nanny Portfolio and should circumstances change with a nanny family,  you will already have a written recommendation. Some potential nanny families will call only one family for references, most will call more, so having written references to start with might be a good visual for them to see what to expect. Keep in mind that agencies will call more than one family.

Copy of your driving license and car insurance 

CPR and First Aid Certificate

Proof of Education

It is important to have copies of all certificates and degrees you may have that prove you are qualified for the position you are applying for.

Background check

Tip: if you have a background check at care.com or sittercity.com, copy and paste it into a Word document and print it out. Families can go and check it out later online, but this is a good start.

In case you don’t cover it all in conversation and you forget something important

Keep in mind that the Nanny Portfolio is not staying with the potential nanny family. It is there for them to look through while you are interviewing, so include copies only.

Most of the items  in your Nanny Portfolio should have already been discussed with your potential nanny family, but the portfolio will present you in a new light. As a proactive, responsible, organized childcare provider and it will definitely be something that will make you unforgettable.

If you want to prove how awesome you are you could also include the following:

  • A sample of your weekly schedule with kids
  • Recipes you may want to use with the children ensuring they are age appropriate and that they take into account various dietary needs
  • A sample Emergency plan (In the event of an emergency or disaster, what is the meet up location? Is there local disaster meet up site?)
  • The address of the closest ER, and a sample Medical Authorization Form for the parents
  • Nanny notes (Reminders, to-do’s, playdates, craft ideas, discipline and reward charts and anything that can be useful to you and make your nanny life more organized, fun and productive)
  • Add your accomplishments with children(potty training, sleep training, tutoring, teaching kids to swim, etc.)
  • A list of places you would normally take the children (focus on age of children you would potentially nanny for) and prices of activities you would love to do with them. You can add distance from their home as well, especially if you have already been told you might need to use your car.
  • A list of other services you may want to offer along with childcare (Chores, errands, pet care, cooking)
  • A list of crafts or pictures of crafts you have done with your previous charges (This will show how creative you are and that you involve the children in your care)



ULTIMATE GUIDE_ nanny binder

Click here for source and more ideas!

ultimate guide: nannybinder



Nanny binder: ultimate guide






medical emergecy form


Check out how blogger The Wife Life did it by herself, as well as Speechy Musings with some great printables.

To make yours look cute and girly (because the whole point is to decorate it with stickers and washi tape) check out this Pinterest link.

Here is a pretty good deal on amazon to get you started:

What do you think? Do you have a nanny binder? Share your photos on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag @ thefunnynanny!

This post was updates and revised on 04/28/2016

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    Hi Janelle, thanks for commenting, you can use any binder you like, I will be selling the inserts soon if you would like to purchase some, I will announce it mid June. Thanks!

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    Hi, I would love the color copies of your binder: the nanny emergency consent form, schedule “week at a glance” and “my schedule”, etc.

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