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Being a Nanny can wreck havoc on your nails! Between constant chipping and expensive salons, sometimes it’s easier to just give up on having pretty nails. Jamberry Nail Wraps are the perfect solution!

They are essentially nail stickers that are heat and pressure activated and can last up to two weeks! That right even on nannies! Regardless of all the hand washes, face wiping, and digging toys out of impossibly small spaces.


They come in over 300 designs, including holidays, Disney, and NFL and my NK loves picking my next design and seeing what characters I’ll have on next. However, whichever design you choose, proper hand and nail care is key to making your nails strong and beautiful, which can be a bit difficult given our career choice, but staying hydrated by drinking lots of water and keeping your hands and nails moisturized, simply by applying a quick pump of lotion after washing hands, can make all the difference!

Jacquelyn Soto is a Nanny and the owner of https://jacquisoto.jamberry.com/us/en/ check out her page for some cool Jamberry Nail Wraps and for more tips and product for keeping your nails strong and beautiful while still being a fantastic nanny and caregiver.

While The Funny Nanny does not recommend nail polish or stickers while at work, the Funny Nanny does endorse Nannies looking and feeling good about themselves!

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