35 Nannies Share What They Like The Most About Their Employers

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Finally, we have a happy post!

Since I gave my notice few days back and I witnessed many bad nanny-employer relationships before, I decided to reach out to some of the nannies all around the world and ask them to share something positive about their employers.

I feel so blessed and happy to be in a point where I am connected with childcare providers in Australia, Europe, Canada, U.S. and from many more countries that I get puzzled seeing their visits to the blog. Thank you all.


It takes a lot to be a good nanny.

We put so much effort into our education and we push our boundaries and rules simply for one reason – we absolutely love our job.  Think about it. Why else would someone do what we do? There is so many negative things about working in someone’s home with limited rights and ways to be independent, and yet we keep staying and even if one family doesn’t work out, we still try our best to be the best nannies for another one.

So when you put years and years of education and experience, and all of your focus on kids that are not yours, making sure they are growing and developing, you kind of want to be acknowledged as something more than just an employee.






One of the reasons why I am leaving current nanny family is because they act like this is a business. Like they are some huge corporation and I am employee. We have rules, regulations, quarterly meeting to talk about progress. I don’t mind that part as much as others, but it’s not what I signed up for. If I wanted to be treated as outsider, I wouldn’t work as a nanny.

I want to be part of the family. I want to be loved. I want to be hugged for my birthday. I want to be invited to kids birthdays. I want my opinion to matter and I want to know when I am sick, barely making it to the phone to call I can’t work one and only time, that employers won’t get mad. That they see me as a person. As human. Not just something that is here for the purpose and that is all that matter. Recently I wrote about two types of nanny employers, check it out here.

Which leads us to 30+ amazing nannies (I wish some mannies gave their input too, but maybe next time) who shared their happy stories.

They shared how loved and appreciated they are and happy with their nanny families, and I hope that seeing their examples will show us all what to strive to, what to expect and why we shouldn’t settle for anything less than a perfect match.





1. “A week ago on July 28 was my 28th birthday, so my boss 1 day after leave the hospital for her 2nd child, she packed the 28 gifts that she had get in hide from me. She gave me 28 gifts of everything that I like, she even found in Amazon my favorites chocolates and candies from my home country ( Brazil) and a lot of gift cards from my favorites stores. I Love them, they treat me so well and I make me fell like home.”


2. “My nanny boss takes me shopping for my birthday and is always surprising me with things. Some times we even share a same brain because we always know what the other is thinking. They treat me like family even taking me on family trips and not letting me work.”


3. “I love that the children I nanny call my parents Granny and grandpa as well as their “real” grandparents, and how we all spent some time together on their Birthday last weekend “


4. “My boss forgot to pack diapers and formula for the baby when he dropped him off. I had to pack all the kids up and go to target (which I was all for) and went and got two things with 5 kids. (I got some crazy looks!)
They gave me a card and $100 to pa
y me back and the rest for me to do something for myself. Before my other bosses got me a gift card and flowers. I love being a nanny and don’t expect those things. It’s nice when it happens though.


5. “My NF is amazing! I’m approaching one year with them and I couldn’t be happier. I had interviewed with another family before them and hadn’t heard anything, so I decided to go on an interview with them. I truly feel that not hearing from the first family was what was meant to be! My NF is so thoughtful and appreciative. They make me feel like a family member and value my time and expertise. They trust my judgment and listen to my ideas. I’m so blessed to be helping to raise their sweet, incredible little boy.


6. “I nanny for a bunch of families because I don’t like comitting to one but what I like about my favorite family Is that they know how to have fun and they always drink amazing wine. Oh and they always make sure to pay me well which is always a plus


7. “I always get Thanked at the end of the day!


8. “My nanny family are incredible, I feel totally appreciated in everything I do, they look after me as part of the family and will bend over backwards to help me with anything! I live on my own with zero family anywhere near and i know that if I had a problem I could call them straight away and it would be sorted in a flash. I have such a great bond with their little one and he is the light of my life, I can’t wait for baby number 2 to arrive in December!


9. “The other day my boss came home with a flower bouquet-to thank me for my work, as well every other day she leaves me a note – to tell me how much she and her family appreciates my job – I work for them less than a year. I really love them! My last family I have worked for them 3, but we keep regularly in touch and even though I don’t work for them, last Christmas my ex – boss have sended me a £150 Marks Spencer Voucher . They like family to me.”


10. “I being with mine for 4 years never in my life felt so happy to go to work I adore they children and they made me coffee every morning when I walk in the house….


11. “They appreciate me! I’m so lucky! They always make me feel included in their lives. They are like my family!


12. “When I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer they were very supportive . They bought me a cozy blanket and a pillow pet for my hospital stay and recovery. She came up and visited me at the hospital after surgery. And was understanding when I couldn’t get everything done as fast as I used to!!


13. “I have honestly never met a more amazing family than the one I work for now. They are so kind and compassionate. I always feel as if my voice is heard and they ask for my advice. What more could I want?


14. “I’ve been with my nanny family for four years and they are incredible! We consider them family!


15. “My nanny family was always so generous in supporting my fundraisers for homeless youth, 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk…Very Gr8ful.


16. “They prepared for me my bday party, it was a surprise, they organized my friends to come over their place and it was awesome, they really take care of me and they really show me thatbthey love me, I went with them to every vacation trip of course to me are working trips but they give me lots of free time so I can enjoy


17. “My “boss” treats me like family. It is very comforting when you’re alone in a strange world and so far from home!


18. “Today mine baked me a batch of brownies to take home to ‘cheer up my monday’


19. “ I am working with two families (nanny sharing) and recently had to move out of town which means I have to take the train or the bus to go home. With the train it would be 20 mins and with the bus would be 1 hour and a half so I asked one of the families first if I could work until 5:30 pm instead of 6 and they said yes, but not just that, they also offered to come home after work and take care of the other baby from 5:30 to 6 pm in case the other family couldn’t be there by 5:30.. They are so nice!!


20. “Mine give me their unwanted Starbucks giftcards!


21. “Mine have been amazingly supportive through some very difficult family issues. They also recently bought me a huge bouquet of flowers, “just because”


22. “my NF always bring me coffee if I need it, treats me like family and always asks me if I can do things rather than telling”


23. “MB and DB tell me regularly how I’m part of the family and that they’ll be there for anything. (And they act on it) “


24. “MB is very considerate of my feelings and time. Will always give me any time off that I ask for.”


25. “MB always tried really hard to show me how much she appreciated me. DB would make my favorite meals for my bday.”


26. “my MB brought me Starbucks when she came to pick up the kids tonight!”


27. “my NF gave me a generous bonus, raise after a yr & always let me know I am top quality and they are lucky.”


28. “my MBs family has adopted me as one of their own. So much so that GB introduces me as the “adopted” or “bonus” child.”


29. “I was super broke a few weeks ago and asked all my gigs for extra hours and the all stepped up with lots of hours!”


30. “After going through major life change, they let me stay in their place for a month and when leaving they gave me 500$ as a gift. They are my family, more than family of my own.”


31. “I got flowers and card for each nannyversary.”


32. “they always ask my opinion when planning trips, buying new clothes for kids, or even hiring backup babysitter”


33. “I am always paid on time. No exception. I love knowing I don’t need to worry about that. “


34. “We go to wineries together sometimes! #ThatMakesUsBothHappy


35. “When they say I am part of the family, they mean it. I am invited to all family events, not to watch kids but to be at the event as part of the family. They brag about me to their coworkers and friends and always want to know how my life is going. They trust my judgment with the baby and give me absolute freedom, and any time of I might need. They’re truly my family. “
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All of these made me so happy. There are bad nannies, and bad families. No one is perfect, and no one is perfect all day every day, but from time to time, I love knowing that my work is acknowledged.

Nannies just need occasional thank you, and as you see, coffee plays a big role in a happy nanny-employer relationship 🙂

Do you have a story to share about your nanny family, or if you are employer, about your nanny?

Let’s share positivity today (just today, I am back to venting tomorrow!)

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  • Reply
    Marlynn Jayme Schotland
    August 5, 2015 at 4:17 pm

    Those are really sweet. I think in the end, all either party wants is to feel appreciated and understood 🙂 These are sweet and I’m glad these nannies feel appreciated and loved!

  • Reply
    Jenni Bost (@jennibost)
    August 5, 2015 at 6:07 pm

    How awesome. I love this post! When I was a nanny my NF always made sure to thank me in little ways and make me feel a part of the family. When I got married the kids were all in my wedding. Even now, 10 years later, we keep in touch!

  • Reply
    August 6, 2015 at 2:08 am

    I’ve mainly had really good experiences with sell my families thankfully ( odd one or two that didn’t.. But should’ve listened to my gut instinct, however I believe you learn from your mistakes)
    One family whose children I’m still in touch with ( kids are 30+) was so friendly and helpful and we became really Good friends, and part of their family to the point they wanted me to be added onto their will to take guardianship if something ever happened to them!!!
    They frequently took me out to dinner, invited me to all family gatherings and introduced me to everyone as their friend… Not just the nanny!
    When I had relationship / friend problems they took me in and could stay as long as necessary… During the school hols when mother was home we all had a lovely time together, going out to lunch/ shopping … Even the grandfather was always sending me gifts telling me how wonderful I was with the children and how grateful he was…they lent me their car whenever I wanted it…. Wonderful people.
    Another family equally appreciative and even invited my own parents to stay when they were on hols, bought us all tickets to cirque d solely…and many other theatre tickets…I was given a credit card to but as I pleased, whatever I thought the children needed. Had free rein of refurbishing the playroom… Understood that I didn’t want to go on holiday with them so employed a separate nanny for that..
    Bought me a car…. Gifts galore and we had such a good relationship and appreciated my knowledge and advice…
    I believe it’s worked well with all my families as obviously loved my jobs but was very honest and open and spoke my mind… So there was never any issues.

    • Reply
      Funny Nanny
      August 6, 2015 at 9:20 am

      Thank you for sharing! It surely gives me hope hearing all these amazing stories.

  • Reply
    August 6, 2015 at 9:38 am

    How awesome. Nanny’s have such special relationships with their families. So good to see.

  • Reply
    August 6, 2015 at 10:34 am

    I don’t really have any experience with Nannies, but it does sound like a meaningful, but difficult career and it is always in an employer’s best interest to let the people working with them feel appreciated!

  • Reply
    Danny the Manny
    August 25, 2015 at 11:28 pm


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