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Why teens take risks

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If you are currently raising teens or plan on working/raising teens I suggest you grab a copy of Jess Shatkin’s new book “Born to be Wild“, I have recently read this book and was also able to ask the author a few questions. What to win a free copy? Look out for the details of you how to be entered into a draw! What made you finally want to write this book after so many years of teaching and public…

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BabySteps Scratch Off Calendar

Nanny, Tips, Tricks and Resources for Au Pair, Tips, Tricks and Resources for Nanny

Baby Steps Scratch Off Calendar Well, what a great concept!!! This is the ultimate scratch off card for anyone who is pregnant or expecting. Dads will love it too!! I received the Baby Steps Scratch Off Calendar via mail and I have to say I LOVE the packaging it comes in a nice hexagonal tube like container with very appealing colors and designs. The packaging has some nice blurbs on it with cool facts about pregnancy and birth. Once I…

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Money Saving & Earning Tips for Nannies

Budgeting, Tips and Advice, Tips, Tricks and Resources for Nanny
budgeting and figuring out how to save money when you are paid poorly, it can be hard. Check out how to save and earn extra money as a nanny

Saving money when you barely make any as a nanny might sound like a dream or something you laugh off with your (also broke) nanny friends, so let’s be honest here. How in the word can we save and where to start? I am not an expert and I am most definitely not one of those (pretend) Stepford Wives who are doing it all perfectly, but had my share of bad days, really bad days and I had to grow up on my…

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Open Letter to My Mom Boss

Tips for Employers and Au Pair Host Parents, Tips, Tricks and Resources for Nanny
nanny shares how much she loves her nanny employers and how proud she is to be part of their family. Heartwarming and perfect way to celebrate our nanny families

  Dear Mom Boss, First off I would like to start with the fact that I am so lucky that I found you guys as bosses. Even though the day will come when I have to leave your beautiful family; I wouldn’t want to be working for anyone else. You and your husband are such an incredible set of parents and your boys are so lucky to have you. With the boys being so young right now, I know it…

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15 Holiday Gifts from Nanny to Employers

Nanny, Tips and Advice, Tips, Tricks and Resources for Au Pair, Tips, Tricks and Resources for Nanny
Check out these affordable and personalized gifts you can create with kids or buy for your nanny (and au pair) employers for Holidays

It’s that time of the year again ! The holidays are coming – isn’t it exciting? I absolutely love watching Christmas movies, playing in the snow (well, if we end up having snow this year), decorating the tree and enjoying my time with loved ones. I also love sending gifts to my family back home and buying silly little things for my nanny kiddos. One thing I don’t like is buying presents for my employers (and when I was an au…

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6 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Becoming a Nanny

Nanny, Tips and Advice, Tips, Tricks and Resources for Nanny
being a nanny is the most rewarding job, but it's also hard, draining, tiring and there are many things you wish you knew before you started. Nanny Kelly has some amazing points and she is sharing them with us.

I’ve worked with kids for 10 years, and I’ve learned quite a bit throughout that time. I’ve worked with close to 10 families and observed so many different dynamics. I went into it knowing not much about kids besides the basics of childcare. These are 6 things, beyond the basics, that I wish someone had told me before I became a nanny. It wouldn’t have stopped me from becoming one, but I would have felt more prepared and confident from the…

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What Are Nannies Thankful For?

Nanny, Tips, Tricks and Resources for Nanny
a warm note from nannies to families /nanny

With Thanksgiving being only few hours away, I asked few nannies what are they grateful for. Is it paycheck? Bonus? Days off? What matters the most for a nanny at her job? You might be surprised (but, you shouldn’t be), but the thing we are thankful the most is YOU. Our wonderful, kind, respectful employers who are loving and appreciating us as much we appreciate you. Today several nannies have shared why are they thankful, and here it is: “I…

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For some this is dream come true. This nanny is earning six figures and she is sharing story the way it is. Check out what it takes

What is considered to be a nanny perk? Is it that hug and “I love you” from your charge, or how sometimes you can read and relax at nap time? For me perks include free coffee, leftover Halloween candy, love and appreciation from my employers, and if it happens, gift under Christmas tree. However there is this world where apparently being a nanny means you earn six figures, you go on crazy trips and enjoy life like you are a celebrity. World…

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Ultimate Guide: Nanny Portfolio

Nanny, Tips, Tricks and Resources for Nanny

If you knew there was one thing that could give you a better chance at getting an amazing nanny job, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Such a thing does exist! It’s been around for quite some time, but somehow we just forget to talk about it and advertise why it is so important. We have artists showing off their work when they try to get hired and models carrying their portfolios. We have freelancers and writers presenting their previous…

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Overworked and Underpaid Nannies – Are You One of Them?!

Nanny Problems, Tips, Tricks and Resources for Nanny
underpaid and overwokred nannies. How to know are you earning enough?

Oh, boy am I ready for this? I was dreading to write this post out of fear of not being able to deliver a good and valuable information. Few days back I had a poll for nannies to share how much they earn to help me with this post. I also had people sharing all the professional websites where this information can be accessed. That is truth, it really can be found how much we should earn, but we, nannies, don’t…

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