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Why teens take risks

Tips and Advice, Tips for Employers and Au Pair Host Parents, Tips, Tricks and Resources for Nanny

If you are currently raising teens or plan on working/raising teens I suggest you grab a copy of Jess Shatkin’s new book “Born to be Wild“, I have recently read this book and was also able to ask the author a few questions. What to win a free copy? Look out for the details of you how to be entered into a draw! What made you finally want to write this book after so many years of teaching and public…

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A chat with a UK based Nanny Agency

Nanny, Tips and Advice

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to interview Tonya of Occasional and Permanent Nannies in London, we spoke about the market and what is important for Nannies and families to know when they initiate a search. I have worked with Marion at the agency, in fact she placed me in a job in Austria.…

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BabySteps Scratch Off Calendar

Nanny, Tips, Tricks and Resources for Au Pair, Tips, Tricks and Resources for Nanny

Baby Steps Scratch Off Calendar Well, what a great concept!!! This is the ultimate scratch off card for anyone who is pregnant or expecting. Dads will love it too!! I received the Baby Steps Scratch Off Calendar via mail and I have to say I LOVE the packaging it comes in a nice hexagonal tube like container with very appealing colors and designs. The packaging has some nice blurbs on it with cool facts about pregnancy and birth. Once I…

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25+ Funny Memes That Perfectly Describe Nanny Life

Just for Fun, Nanny
25+ hilarious pictures about nanny life

Yo! I am so excited to share some of these with you, even though if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you already saw most of them. (speaking of, you really should follow me, because I am nice and normal. Kind of) Recently I posted 33 Hilarious Pictured That Perfectly Describe Au Pair Life and it was huge hit. Probably my most popular post ever, so I thought I could give something similar to nannies as well.   Check…

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Money Saving & Earning Tips for Nannies

Budgeting, Tips and Advice, Tips, Tricks and Resources for Nanny
budgeting and figuring out how to save money when you are paid poorly, it can be hard. Check out how to save and earn extra money as a nanny

Saving money when you barely make any as a nanny might sound like a dream or something you laugh off with your (also broke) nanny friends, so let’s be honest here. How in the word can we save and where to start? I am not an expert and I am most definitely not one of those (pretend) Stepford Wives who are doing it all perfectly, but had my share of bad days, really bad days and I had to grow up on my…

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January Spotlight: Nanny Tessa

Nanny Spotlight
each month we showcase one nanny and her share her story. This month we are sharing what nanny Tessa has to say!

Hello, Hello! Look at us surviving 2015 like a boss! Happy 2016, and  I hope this year will bring you everything you need and desire. One of my goals with The Funny Nanny is to create a place where we, childcare providers, can be ourselves. Highlighting every day nannies, extraordinary ones and those who made mistakes as well, is my way of showing to all of us that we should respect and support each other. Therefore, my nanny of the…

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Best of 2015 – The Funny Nanny Blog Posts

Au Pair, Child Rearing, Lifestyle, Nanny, Tips for Employers and Au Pair Host Parents
most viewed, shared and commented blog posts from The Funny Nanny blog? Nannies, au pairs and working parents will want to check and see what did they miss!

Now that Christmas is over, can it be summer? Even though 2015 was by far the best year of my life, I am ready to see what 2016 has for me. To end this year I thought it would be good to find 15 blog posts that YOU loved the most on my blog. Some of them you hated the most too, and there has been several nannies who were very opinionated about my vocabulary, sense of humor and “why…

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Open Letter to My Mom Boss

Tips for Employers and Au Pair Host Parents, Tips, Tricks and Resources for Nanny
nanny shares how much she loves her nanny employers and how proud she is to be part of their family. Heartwarming and perfect way to celebrate our nanny families

  Dear Mom Boss, First off I would like to start with the fact that I am so lucky that I found you guys as bosses. Even though the day will come when I have to leave your beautiful family; I wouldn’t want to be working for anyone else. You and your husband are such an incredible set of parents and your boys are so lucky to have you. With the boys being so young right now, I know it…

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