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Let’s talk nails….

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Being a Nanny can wreck havoc on your nails! Between constant chipping and expensive salons, sometimes it’s easier to just give up on having pretty nails. Jamberry Nail Wraps are the perfect solution! They are essentially nail stickers that are heat and pressure activated and can last up to two weeks! That right even on nannies! Regardless of all the hand washes, face wiping, and digging toys out of impossibly small spaces. They come in over 300 designs, including holidays,…

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Wonderful little diffuser.


*  This blog post was sponsored by Holan * I recently was sent an item to review and I thought I would share the information with you. I had been in the market for a diffuser, you know one of those that you put essential oils in and makes your room smell fresh, so I was delighted when I was approached and asked to review one. I was sent an Essential Oil Diffuser, Holan 120ml Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier / Aroma Diffuser…

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Au Pair Travel

Au Pair, Travel

Au Pairs are lucky enough to be able to enjoy some time to travel at the end of their year in the USA. So what do AuPairs do with their time off? I see many posts by AuPairs looking for travel buddies, a place to sleep for the night etc. I did some research and stumbled upon Joe Stebbins’ website AuPair Adventures and what a great find it has been! Nannies, I feel a trip being organized, how about the…

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Packing Tips For Au Pair Vacation

Tips, Tricks and Resources for Au Pair, Travel
Packing tips for au pair vacation

Looking back on my early twenties and all the crazy adventures I had, it makes me smile to think how free, adventurous and silly I was. I would travel across the country even though I was broke one time and another I would buy so many souvenirs that I had to throw some away since there was no way to fit them in my luggage on the way back. Long story short – I learned the hard way how to budget…

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Money Saving & Earning Tips for Nannies

Budgeting, Tips and Advice, Tips, Tricks and Resources for Nanny
budgeting and figuring out how to save money when you are paid poorly, it can be hard. Check out how to save and earn extra money as a nanny

Saving money when you barely make any as a nanny might sound like a dream or something you laugh off with your (also broke) nanny friends, so let’s be honest here. How in the word can we save and where to start? I am not an expert and I am most definitely not one of those (pretend) Stepford Wives who are doing it all perfectly, but had my share of bad days, really bad days and I had to grow up on my…

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Best of 2015 – The Funny Nanny Blog Posts

Au Pair, Child Rearing, Lifestyle, Nanny, Tips for Employers and Au Pair Host Parents
most viewed, shared and commented blog posts from The Funny Nanny blog? Nannies, au pairs and working parents will want to check and see what did they miss!

Now that Christmas is over, can it be summer? Even though 2015 was by far the best year of my life, I am ready to see what 2016 has for me. To end this year I thought it would be good to find 15 blog posts that YOU loved the most on my blog. Some of them you hated the most too, and there has been several nannies who were very opinionated about my vocabulary, sense of humor and “why…

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20 Gift Ideas for Your Nanny

Nanny & Au Pair Essentials, Tips for Employers and Au Pair Host Parents
gifts your nanny will apreciate are here!

Happy Holiday Season! This is the time when we all start thinking, planning and shopping for our loved ones. Your nanny is your employee. There is no doubt about that. But she is also a friend, part of the family, person who is there for you every day assisting you, helping, doing so much more than anyone ever could and she deserves to be acknowledged. Nannies are not in this career field for the money. We are doing this out…

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Cute & Comfortable Nanny Outfits

Beauty, Health & Fashion

Being a nanny is a tough job. We are constantly dealing with some kind of mess, whether it be a bodily fluid, spilled food or paint. As much as we would love to live in yoga pants (and for those who have infants, go right ahead, you deserve it!) we need to prove we own jeans every once in a while. When I first started my nannying job, I lived in my yoga pants and t-shirt. I also had three…

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