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What it takes to be a good nanny and how to recognize a good one when you have it? Being a childcare provider it takes so much more than just babysitting.


Nobody is perfect!

I know it’s cliché and silly and all that stuff, but after talking to many other au pairs, nannies, moms and my previous boss I realized that maybe I’m not that bad, right?

So what does it take to be a good nanny?

Here is the list of 5 most important things you should have or implement to be a good childcare provider:


A responsible Nanny is the childcare provider that your employer knows they can count on. Not just for stuff that are on a contract, but for all those little things we don’t think  matter. A responsible Nanny will always be on time, she will not rush out the door as soon as she can and she communicates with her employers on a daily basis to make sure things are going smoothly.

Do you take sick days just because you can?

Would you say you are flexible and available at short notice?

Can your employers trust your judgment?

How often are you late?


Employers want to see you caring. They want to know that you are not just counting hours and dollars. It is not all about educating kids or just all about fun. They want to know you will want the best for their children and you will treat them like you would treat your own.

Do you accept personal calls while at work?

Are you persuasive when it comes to chores, activities and positive behavior?

Are you a good role model?

Is TV your go-to thing when you are not in the mood?

How often do you text while at work?


That is the nanny employers don’t need to make a list of chores for. A proactive nanny will go out of her way to make the life of her employers easier.

Being proactive is, I believe, the most important characteristic of a good nanny. They don’t need another kid in the house. They need you to take action when necessary without calling them at work or freaking out.

How often do you organize or clean the children’s room/closet or prepare clothes for new season without being asked to do so?

When they ask you to potty train their (so not ready) child do you say sure and act like you are into it, or do you actually do research and acknowledge/share with them it might be too early?


It’s important you realize all the effort you need to put into your workday. Having enough energy and desire to be active, fun, silly and mentally present will be one thing kids will appreciate the most.

How often do you initiate games?

How often do you research activities in area to take the children to?

Do you just engage the children into playing and leave or you play longer than 3 minutes?

Are you creative with new foods or crafts and games? (check out here for some fun crafts!)


You can be prepared by having extra clothes to change after playing in the mud and bring your iPod to watch a movie while your charge sleeps, but it also means being aware that every word you say does have an impact.

A Prepared nanny will have CPR, First Aid training and a  plan for what to do in case of emergency. Employers need to know you are another grown up in the house, a person they can trust. A Nanny they can entrust their children with and know that they will grow, learn, have fun and hopefully be better little people when they are back from work.

But being prepared also means you, as a nanny, need to know your rights, you need to stand up for yourself and make sure you have a proper contract, good working hours, that everything is legal and correct and that you are paid appropriately. Make sure that if you ask for a raise, you deserve it and you are working your ass for it.

It’s important to know what are you getting yourself into and dive in fully or not at all.

Do you love spending time with children?

Would you say you have maternal instinct?

Are you ready to be a role model?

It is hard to be your best every day. It’s a draining profession, we tend to give, give , give of ourselves all day long.

The difference between a Nanny’s job and accountant’s job, is that you have a person next to you that collects and absorbs everything you do and all that you are. That gives you the opportunity to do something major, to change someone’s life and affect their future.

Nanny Life and Nanny problems

What would you add here?

Do you think there is something more important?

What advice would you give to your friend when going on interview for nanny job?

Please share your opinion in comment section and help us connect and advise all childcare providers out there!


Hugs until next time!

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