AuPair in Europe

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* Photos courtesy of Jesse Robert. We often read about foreign young men and women traveling to the US to spend a year or more as an AuPair, I had the opportunity to speak to Jesse Roberts who is a US national and who went to Europe as an AuPair. Please note that each experience is personal and should be treated as such. Make sure you are aware of the rules and regulations of the country you will be living and…

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Wonderful little diffuser.

Diffuser Purple

*  This blog post was sponsored by Holan * I recently was sent an item to review and I thought I would share the information with you. I had been in the market for a diffuser, you know one of those that you put essential oils in and makes your room smell fresh, so I was delighted when I was approached and asked to review one. I was sent an Essential Oil Diffuser, Holan 120ml Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier / Aroma Diffuser…

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5 Tips and tricks for Live In Nannies and AuPairs

Tips and Advice
5 Tips and Tricks for Live In Nannies and AuPairs-2

Let’s face it we are all a little scared when we move into a new family’s home, I know I am and I have been doing this for years!!! Here are some of the tricks that I have come up with over the years that make me feel a bit more comfortable when moving in with a Nanny Family or a Host Family if you are an AuPair. How to lock your bedroom door without a key I always, and…

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Miss Pepper Australian Nanny School

Nanny Training, Tips and Advice, Training

As part of the “Nanny Training” series here at the Funny Nanny, I had the opportunity to speak to one of the Australian Nanny Schools, Miss Pepper Australian Nanny School, this is what they had to say! Can you please give us some of the history behind Miss Pepper Australian Nanny School? Community training Australia (CTA) had been operating for 11 years prior to the launch of the Miss Pepper Australian Nanny School.  It was a the next obvious step…

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Tips on working with High Net Worth Families

Tips and Advice

Written by Anonymous Do you ever feel alone working as a Nanny? Do you ever feel completely isolated? Have you ever felt invisible? Have you ever felt like you are somewhere but you are not really there? Working with a High Profile Family sometimes feels like this. Yes, I know, you have all read the articles about Nannies making lots and lots of money, traveling on private jets, wearing mini skirts and high heels, but working for High Net Worth Families…

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Bye Bye Lists!

Tips and Advice
Nanny Care

Ever wished you had an app that would help you with all the lists you deal with on a daily basis? As Childcare providers and parents we are often packing, writing lists of things we want to discuss with our counter parts, wouldn’t it be great to have some help? Guess what? Our life has just become a lot easier thanks to Little Peanut on the Go!!! I spoke to Karla, the creator of the app and this is what…

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Nanny training at the top Nanny school in the world.

Nanny Training

As most of you probably know Norland College is the most famous nanny school in the world. I was fortunate enough to be able to speak to Abby Searle at the College and ask her a few questions. There is only one bad piece of information, they do not accept non EEA students, unfortunately. Norland College was founded in 1892 by Emily Ward who had recognised the need for early years childcare to be more structured, centred around the child…

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Newborn Care Specialist

Nanny Training, Tips and Advice

Ok, I did it!!!! I had been thinking about it for a long time and had done nothing about it, it was time to stop procrastinating and get things done! Yes, I am talking about becoming a Newborn Care Specialist, that’s right, I am now a Nanny and a Newborn Care Specialist and you can be one too. I promised I would write a post on this so here it is. I did some research about the various courses and…

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Au Pair Travel

Au Pair, Travel

Au Pairs are lucky enough to be able to enjoy some time to travel at the end of their year in the USA. So what do AuPairs do with their time off? I see many posts by AuPairs looking for travel buddies, a place to sleep for the night etc. I did some research and stumbled upon Joe Stebbins’ website AuPair Adventures and what a great find it has been! Nannies, I feel a trip being organized, how about the…

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